Real Time Session Full Film

Real Time sessions are fun, but they are not always available for your eyes.

This session however is, and it sees Mistress playing inside her Dungeon walls with her cretin sub.

He has been a thorn in her side over the last few weeks and today he will be given a punishment for his annoying little ways.

In the first part he is restrained to the bench and has Mistress unleash her verbal tongue on him.

He is then given Mistresses long talons dragged across his back then the steel heel of her boots to add more discomfort, before the floggers come out to play.

In this second part I have him restrained with arms above his head attached to the A Frame, his legs are spread with a spreader bar.

I then proceed to flog his Body.

In this third and final part, I have allowed him to worship my Leather pants which is his thing, but only whilst being strapped to the electrics.

Photo Set with this Film 


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