Bio of Huddersfield Mistress Athena

Renowned UK Dominatrix

In  Greek Mythology was the Goddess who represented  Wisdom, she was intelligent yet fierce, and also invented the bridle so man could tame the horse.
Mistress Athena is a Huddersfield Mistress and Yorkshire Dominatrix but was born in the City of Manchester making her a true Manchester Mistress.
This Goddess of Yorkshire UK will bring to you a Real Femme Fatale in all Aspects
I Goddess Athena am very much the same, Powerful, Fierce Seductive and the Tamer of Man.
Known with many different persona’s, Mistress Athena, Miss Powers, The Dangerous Lady, and Her Ladyship all in which represents who I am.
Goddess Athena, Manchester Mistress, Dominatrix, Femdom, Films
Goddess Athena is well known under her Mistress Name, Mistress Athena, and played in Manchester as a Manchester Mistress for the early days as a Dominatrix.
Mistress Athena is based in Huddersfield West Yorkshire, playing from her Dungeon for real time sessions.
I am like the ever changing chameleon no one knowing who or what I will be that day, is what is so exciting about me.
With everything I do I take pride, a perfectionist so when I train Man to be what I want them to be its only with perfection I do this.
I want the best so I make my slaves/subs the best they can be.
I am a  Elite Goddess and I am born to rule.
Goddess Athena will see you inside, kneel down and submit yourself to me. xoxox

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