Dirty Soles and Dirty Sub

My House Boy was paid a visit by myself Mistress Athena.

This visit was not as I expected it, his abode was filthy.

I never expected to walk in to this type of filth, especially as he is the head house boy at my Dungeon.

This is not acceptable, for him to keep his place at my Dungeon he needed to sort himself out, my place is gleaming and his was disgusting, first thing first out on the balcony and get drenched in rain, this will cool him down and clean him also.

He has been reprimanded for the state of his home, he has also been given strict instructions plus a time limit to sort it out.

But one thing is for sure, he will have to clean the soles of my Boots before I step back out onto the pavement, as its cleaner out there than in his home.

Dressed in street wear, with knee high pvc boots, and jeans.

Boot Worship, Humiliation, Face slapping, Domination

Photo Set with this Film 


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