Leeds mistress

The Boudoir Ashtray

In the Goddesses Boudoir she needs more than a maid, she needs at all times a Human Ashtray.

Dressed in her lace sheer top and vintage suspender belt, with stockings and high heels, she relaxes on her bed, and call upon the ashtray.

She humiliates and uses his mouth, for her spit and her unwanted ash.

Humiliation, Human Ashtray, Smoking, Domination, Spitting.

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Devilish Female Domination Full Film

Dressed in skin tight Red Latex Catsuit and ankle Boots

Its an all out FemDom special, as this cretin does not know how to dress when going out to work, and this behaviour will not be tolerated.

Female Domination, Boots, Worship, Goddess, CBT, Spitting, High Heels.

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Army Hospital Part 1

Each year the Privates have to come in for a yearly examination.

It has been brought to my attention the Privates have been up to no good.

A thorough medical is in order.

Dressed in White Shirt, Army Band, Black Leather Skirt, and Black leather Boots.

Medical, Role-Play, Officer, Femdom, CBT

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Army Hospital

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Matron of Mayhem Part 3

Dressed in Matron Attire, Long Blue Matron Uniform and White Pumps.

Matron Powers is the strictest Matron in the Hospital, and when your number is called, your number is up.

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On the Payroll Part 1

When you are on the Payroll of Athena then you must abide by her Rules.

False information can open a whole can of worms.

Dressed in White Shirt, Black skirt, with Black stocking’s and Black High Heels.

Trampling, Role-Play, Humiliation, Shoe Worship, Femdom.

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Goddess Athena

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year Message

Love Goddess Athena

Happy New Year, Goddess Athena

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