Leeds mistress

Mistress is Talking to YOU

Mistress is talking to you, CAN YOU HEAR ME.

Ha Ha Ha yes I will make you shake in your boots, I will put you back in line, I will make you beg for forgiveness and you will worship only if I allow.

When I speak with you know, you will feel confused as if Mistress is toying with you.

This you have to figure out for yourselves.

Can you take Mistress playing with you, its my world you just exist in it.

Dressed in black panties, black Basque, and black thigh high boots.

POV, Domination, Boot Worship, Verbal Take down, plus more

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Shave the Slave

This slave in particular has been verbally scolded on many occasion, and one of the things he has been scolded for is not shaving.

Mistress likes her subs/slaves whatever she calls them to be either cut down low or shaved and when they are not, Mistress takes great pleasure of doing the deed herself, but using a blunt razor to do so.

If you shall not listen, Then you shall feel.

He did feel also as I shaved him down.

Dressed in white tight dress and heels, with Leather gloves, and Latex Gloves.

Humiliation, Glove Fetish, Verbal, Shaving, Goddess plus more

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Hunt Preparation

Mistress is preparing for the Hunt, taking the horses out before for a warm up.

In doing so I have made my Riding Boots and Gaiters filthy, and I can not go along to the hunt with my boots in such a state.

I have other things also to attend to, and have jodhpurs to put on.

So its time for my houseboy/bootbitch to do what he does best and clean up my boots.

He will today get up close and personal to the smell of horse on my boots and have to clean them with his tongue, he will be allowed some of Mistresses saliva to help him along.

Added humiliation, and being the house bitch is added in this amazing film.

Dressed in Leather Trench Coat with fur collars and cuffs, then Hunting Jacket in tweed, Leather Trousers and Riding Boots with gaiters and spurs.

 Domination, Humiliation, Boot Worship, Spitting

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Foot Worship in the Boudoir POV

Welcome to Goddesses Boudoir, and your new place to kneel and worship.

Dressed in my nightwear having not long been awake, my feet ache from my nightout.

You ware let into this room for 1 reason and 1 reason only, to WORSHIP.

My feet are the place where I will direct you to use not only your hands, but your tongue and full mouth.

Enjoy your way to a better life under my feet, foot bitches.

Dressed in lace black and purple night dress.

Humiliation, FootWorship, Goddess, Spitting.

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Table of Treats Part 2

This table is not laid with edible Treats, but instead Treats for Goddess to play with.

Goddesses table is a table full of fun and mischief, and with a sub in tow its time to feast.

Dressed in Latex green bra, and Latex girdle, with knee high Boots.

Nipple Play, Spitting, Humiliation, Femdom

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Matron of Mayhem Full Film

Dressed in Matron Attire, Long Blue Matron Uniform and High Heels.

Matron Powers is the strictest Matron in the Hospital, and when your number is called, your number is up.

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