Goddess Athena

Outdoor Ashtray

Here I am in all my Leather Glory, standing tall and straight out of my new Ambulance.

The inside is two pristine and clinical to smoke, and especially to drop my ash.

So outside is where I venture and use the mouth of one of my subs.

He has my heels stood over him, whilst I light my cigarette, in my leather gloved hand.

His mouth is used for the ash, and washed down with my saliva.

Once finished he is bundled back in the Ambulance for what ever I have in store for him next.

Human Ashtray, Spitting, Humiliation, Outdoor Play, Leather Fetish, Glove Fetish

Dressed in Leather Trench Coat, Leather Gloves, Leather Jeans, Thigh High Leather Boots.

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Foot Worship in the Boudoir POV

Welcome to Goddesses Boudoir, and your new place to kneel and worship.

Dressed in my nightwear having not long been awake, my feet ache from my nightout.

You ware let into this room for 1 reason and 1 reason only, to WORSHIP.

My feet are the place where I will direct you to use not only your hands, but your tongue and full mouth.

Enjoy your way to a better life under my feet, foot bitches.

Dressed in lace black and purple night dress.

Humiliation, FootWorship, Goddess, Spitting.

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Small Penis Humiliation POV

Mistress has a way with words, and can humiliate and degrade you in nano seconds.

I have heard so many times, how your penis is the smallest around, but this I needed to see for myself.

What a shock I got, but it was a belly roaring shock, had me in fits of laughter, the size of your none existent manhood.

Show Mistress your pin, hahahaha

Dressed in Bra and Panties, lace stockings and leather Clincher with heels.

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Encased Feet in Stocking’s Worship POV

Sexy and Provocative Stocking and feet worship.

Goddess allows you the honour of getting up close and personal to her wonderful Body.

Dressed in sheer black stockings with yellow tops this film will send you crazy with the enjoyment you will get from wanting to worship Goddess.

Instructed in her sultry tone, guided throughout on where you tongue should be.

Have you mouth pushed against Goddesses Soles of her Feet.

Dressed in Lingerie with leather Basque, Black High Heels and   Stocking’s.

POV, Goddess Worship, Stockings, High Heels, Foot Worship.

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Dirty Filthy Outdoor Boot Domination

Mistress likes to take a evening walk each and every night, taking ion the wonderful country air.

My slave had been told to meet me outside on my walk after he had finished work at his boring vanilla job, where he goes just to earn money to pass over to Mistress.

He crawls to Mistress and then is set about his job to clean the soles of my now filthy, mucky Boots.

Dressed in Black Leather Jeans and Boots with White Shirt.

Domination, Humiliation, Outdoors, Spitting, Boot Worship

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Worship the Goddess

Worshipping the Goddess Athena is something you have all fantasized about.

Being down on your knees and being allowed the privilege of looking up into her eyes, that steely gaze she has, so hypnotic.

The power that she has over you, and know being that sub that she is talking with directly, instructing you on how to worship her stocking feet and shoes.

Dressed in lace bra, with Leather Clincher and leather skirt, and stockings and heel painted shoes.

POV, Domination, Instructions, Stocking & Shoe Worship,

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